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The AA Simple Speech Framework

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The Alcoholics Anonymous use a simple format to build basic, but powerful speech. It tells your audience why you are here, where you were in the past, and how you successfully got here.

As seen in INC magazine, "A friend of mine had been asked to present a 25-minute speech for the local Board of Realtors because of her great success in real estate. I suggested she use the AA outline and open like this: "Twelve years ago, when I went into the real estate business, I had never sold anything but Girl Scout cookies and hadn't done well with that." (This is where I was.) "Last year, I sold $15 million of real estate in a slow market, selling homes that averaged $150,000 each." (This is where I am now.) "Today, I'll tell you how I did that." (This is how I got here.)"
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