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Lead the next iconic team

The better way to execute strategy.

Create, align, and execute your OKRs with Alignment's AI-assisted strategy platform
Trusted in over 75,000 projects by the world's most successful companies

Effortless strategic planning

Operating rhythm
Built-in operating rhythm automation to make strategic planning consistent
Single system of strategy
The easiest way to see strategic planning across all cycles
Focused collaboration
Every team working to plan, align, and execute together

Make your strategy workflow consistent across all teams

End silos and misalignments with a consistent strategic planning framework and OKR workflow that connects your teams.

The Alignment strategy execution framework


Execute with a strong sense of purpose and a bold vision


Align on the right priorities to accelerate growth


Execute alignment OKR plans across all teams with clear goals, defined metrics

Top 6

Weekly execution with consistent alignment and collaboration


Align the learnings to improve team execution for the next cycle

Guided playbook to ensure your teams are set up for success.

Meet some of our customers
Alignment powers executive teams. From next-gen startups who reach for the stars to some of the most successful companies on earth. is both a methodology and the source of truth for managing everyone being on the same page, rowing in the same direction.
The result is high-performing teamwork.
Marko Gargenta
Founder at PlusPlus
We run our operational cadence on across the entire executive team and also each core function of GTM. Alignment has positively contributed to our growth.
Thiago Sá Freire
President, Field Operations at OpenGov
We run our entire founder experience team on and it’s a night and day improvement in the way we work together as a team. Before we were all in different silos, and now we have alignment on what we’re working on.
Josh Machiz
Partner, Marketing at Redpoint Ventures