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‍‍The Alignment Playbook  

To align every team to execute with a strong sense of purpose, with a bold vision, aligned on the right priorities, with clear goals, defined metrics, and with an inspiring high velocity rhythm. Setup your SWOT account.
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5.31.22Align on the Mission
6.2.22Complete SWOT Analysis
6.6.22Complete SWOT Alignment
6.16.22Draft Alignment Plan
6.20.22Present Alignment Plan
7.6.22Team-Wide Q3 Kickoff
WeeklyJoin the Open Playbook Roundtable
8.30.22  Mission
9.1.22  SWOT + RETRO Workshops
9.6.22  SWOT Alignment
9.13.22  Draft Alignment Plans
9.20.22  Align Alignment Plans
10.4.22  Team-Wide Q4 Kickoff

The Alignment Plan

Each quarter every team creates an Alignment Plan based on the steps discussed below.

The mission drives the headline and values. The SWOT conclusion drives the core objectives of the plan. The RETRO provides perspective on performance and helps drive the key results.

The Alignment Plan blends mission, strategy, team alignment, and execution all on a single screen designed to be easily presented in slide decks for leadership meetings.

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Follow this 4 step strategic alignment process to create your alignment plan. It starts by defining a purpose-driven mission with a bold vision.


Define Your Team Mission | Purpose + BHAG

Each leader creates a team mission connected to the overall company mission. Link each team leaders mission to the "team missions" section.
Company Mission FrameworkTeamRole
Group Planning:  Align the team around your core purpose, bold 10yr+ vision, values, strategy, and key metric.  Review and iterate together in the template. View Examples.
Now that we have our company and team missions, complete the following steps with your team mission featured at the top.


Analyze your current situation vs your team mission? Make sure to formulate a conclusion based on your ranked items. Perform a SWOT Analysis.
Create SWOT
Group Planning: Have each direct report create a SWOT Analysis against thier team mission that connects to the overall company/org mission. Aggregate the top 3 items of each direct reports SWOT Analysis sections into an aggregate team SWOT. Then, use the stars and have each person vote on top 4 items per section, sort by vote, discuss. Break into groups to draft conclusions.
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Title: Company Dept | Q2 2022 SWOT


Next, your SWOT Analysis conclusion becomes your top 3-4 priorities you must focus on to advance your mission. Add these as your Plan objectives.
Create Alignment Plan
Group Planning: Have each team member create a team alignment plan once the high level objectives have been set. Team member's top objectives typically roll up into the high level plan as key results. Link the Sub-plans from the company plan. View example.
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Title: Company Dept | Q2 2022 Plan


Perform a quarterly Retrospective. Look at what went well, not so well, what you learned. Add insights to your quarterly SWOT.
Create Retro
Group Planning: Aggregating Top 3 items of each section of each Team RETRO into aggregate company RETRO. Then, use the stars and have each person vote on top 4 items per section.
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Title: Company Dept | Q3 2022 RETRO
Alignment Plan: Starting Template