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What is SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis How To Guide

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Create a SWOT Analysis to Evaluate Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Create a PEST Analysis to focus on Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors
Create a Gap Analysis to understand your current vs future state 
Create a Stop, Start, Continue to analyze what's working, what's not working
Create a Scrum Board leveraging an agile process framework
Create an OKR Goal to set ambitious objectives and outcome based key results
Create a Pros and Cons Analysis to strategically vet any decision
Create a V2MOM Plan inspired by the CEO of Salesforce to set annual goals
Create a Problem Solving Analysis to solve problems by focusing on the cause and effects
Perform an Alignment Planning Process to solidify your purpose, mission, goals, and core values
Create a Candidate Analysis to make better hiring decisions 
Create a To Do List Online leveraging three custom views

What is SWOT Analysis

Let’s start with a quick background on why the SWOT Analysis was originally created and how it became the global standard for how individuals, teams, and companies apply strategic thinking to just about any situation.

The SWOT Analysis was initially developed over 50 years ago by a group of researchers from Stanford University who in 1960 set out to better understand why strategic planning processes were failing for so many companies.  

The team interviewed more than 5,000 executives from over 1,000 companies and their learnings have helped companies think, plan, and work better by leveraging this simple yet highly effective strategic process.

How to Perform a SWOT Analysis


Define the mission for your organization to achieve a clear objective for your SWOT

Define your SWOT mission statement
Based on your mission, perform a SWOT Analysis to analyze your current situation?  Perform a SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Based on your SWOT Analysis, what are the top 3 priorities you must focus on over the next 90 days? Create a Plan
Activate your SWOT with an OKR plan