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‍‍4 Step OKR Alignment Playbook

Objective: To align every team to execute with a strong sense of purpose, with a bold vision, aligned on the right priorities, with clear goals, defined metrics, and inspired to execute by a high velocity rhythm. Setup your free account.


Create Mission
STEP 1: Align your team on a purpose-driven mission and bold vision for your organization, team, project, or role.
Group Planning: Have each team member create a team mission and link each team member's mission to the "team missions" section. Make sure you are aligned. Review and reconfirm quarterly.
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Create SWOT
STEP 2: Analyze your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to your team mission?
Group Planning: Aggregate the top 3 items of each section of each Team SWOT into an aggregate company SWOT. Then, use the stars and have each person vote on top 4 items per section, discuss. Break into groups to draft conclusions.


Create OKR Plan
STEP 3: Use your SWOT Analysis conclusion to drive your strategic objectives and key results on your Alignment OKR plan.
Group Planning: Have each team member create a team plan once the high level objectives have been set. Team member's top objectives typically roll up into the high level plan as key results. Link the Sub-plans from the company plan.


Create Retro
STEP 4: Perform a team retrospective. Look at what went well, not so well, what you learned. Define action items.
Group Planning: Aggregating Top 3 items of each section of each Team RETRO into aggregate company RETRO. Then, use the stars and have each person vote on top 4 items per section.
Powerful team collaboration features

Matrix View

The SWOT Analysis template defaults to matrix view. You can switch easily between the three views or change the default.

Plan View

The plan view enables you to add scores to each item and view the additional sub text for each section header.

Board View

The board view is great for SWOT brainstorming. You can toggle the scores on and off or drag and drop items.
Color Theme


Customize text, colors, and drag & drop to move items.
Customize your SWOT Analysis template colors
Click Star to Vote


Vote on items by clicking the star icons, then set your sort by to "votes" in the project settings.
Prioritize your SWOT by Votes
Embedded Notes


Add rich notes to any item by clicking on the notes icon when adding an item to your project.
Add embedded notes
Expand Items


Set the focus to prioritize on what matters most. Click the expand icon to view all items.

Sub Projects

Type / forward slash in an item field to select a sub-project to link to your project.
Connect with Tags


Connect all your projects with tags, click the drop-down arrow to view connected projects.

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Let your team input how they feel about each key result in addition to the real-time results. This enables them to forecast success or call out blockers.


Determine where you are going, how you will get there and what you need to do next to progress your vision.