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The #1 online SWOT Analysis template and collaborative strategy platform to align teams.

The #1 Collaborative SWOT Analysis Template

Powerful collaboration features

Matrix View

The SWOT Analysis template defaults to matrix view. You can switch easily between the three views or change the default.
Focus on the most important items

Plan View

The plan view enables you to add scores to each item and view the additional sub text for each section header.
Connect to sub-projects

Board View

The board view is great for SWOT brainstorming. You can toggle the scores on and off or drag and drop items.
Connect your projects with tags
Color Theme


Click on the section title and customize text, colors, and drag & drop to move items.
Customize your template color theme
Click Star to Vote


Vote on items by clicking the star icons, then set your sort by to "votes" in the project settings.
Prioritize your SWOT by Votes
Embedded Notes


Add rich notes to any item by clicking on the notes icon when adding an item to your project.
Add embedded notes
Expand Items


Set the focus to prioritize on what matters most. Click the expand icon to view all items.

Sub Projects

Type / forward slash in an item field to select a sub-project to link to your project.
Connect with Tags


Connect all your projects with tags, click the drop-down arrow to view connected projects.
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