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Create a SWOT Analysis to Evaluate Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Create a PEST Analysis to focus on Political, Economic, Social, and Technological factors
Create a Gap Analysis to understand your current vs future state 
Create a Stop, Start, Continue to analyze what's working, what's not working
Create a Scrum Board leveraging an agile process framework
Create an OKR Goal to set ambitious objectives and outcome based key results
Create a Pros and Cons Analysis to strategically vet any decision
Create a V2MOM Plan inspired by the CEO of Salesforce to set annual goals
Create a Problem Solving Analysis to solve problems by focusing on the cause and effects
Perform an Alignment Planning Process to solidify your purpose, mission, goals, and core values
Create a Candidate Analysis to make better hiring decisions 
Create a To Do List Online leveraging three custom views

What is Alignment Analysis?

Get your team in alignment.  Come together to determine and solidify your purpose, mission, goals, and core values.  Inspired by Jim Collins Core Ideology from his best selling book, Built to Last.  Use this collaborative template to get your whole team involved in your company missions and values.


How do we help people? What is our reason for being? Why does our company, team, project exist?  Your purpose should last you for 100+ years and serve as a guiding light for your group.


What are you doing today to achieve your purpose?  This should be specific and help you make decisions.  Example: If your purpose was to "accelerate the advent of sustainable transport” then your mission may be "by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible.


Your defining goal, also known as a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) should be a goal that takes 10-30 years of effort to achieve.  It should rally and inspire your entire organization and have a clear finish line.  Ex: Put a man on the moon by the end of the decade and return him to earth safely".


What are your core values?  What are the values that are going to guide your purpose?  What are your beliefs, ways of being, that are absolutely non-negotiable in your organization? In a 100 years from now what are the core values you still want your team to hold?

How to Perform an Alignment Analysis

1  Set a clear objective

"Alignment is the essence of management." - Fred Smith, Chariman of Fedex.  Be clear about why you are seeking to perform an Alignment Analysis and be prepared to activate the results of this analysis.

2  Create an online Alignment Analysis & invite your team to share their input

Use this online Alignment Analysis TempIate and invite your team to share their input and rate the top ideas.

3  Brainstorm on your Purpose, Mission, Defining Goals, and Core Values

List out as many ideas as your team can brainstorm for each section. Then rate the top items by clicking on the star to float them to the top.

4  Promote your Purpose & Values

Make sure everyone in your organization clearly understands your core purpose, missions, goals, and values.  Post to walls, reinforce in all-hands, create a real-time Slack channel, build recognition events around people living up to the core values.

When to use an Alignment Analysis?

Any Specified Objective

For any goal or objective where you want everyone to understand the purpose or reason for doing it.  And how you plan to achieve it and what matters most about the purpose.

Product Strategy

Having a clear purpose for each product, feature, project can dramatically improve effectiveness.

Process Strategy

Do your projects have a clear purpose?  how will they help people?  What are the goals and objectives?

Customer Analysis

Ask your customers how they see your business, product, projects and better engage a wider circle of input.

Partner Analysis

Get your partners involved in your core ideology.  Also get them to live your core ideology.

Finance Strategy

Reinforce your business decisions against your purpose and values.  Does a cost cutting decisions live up to your values?

Alignment Analysis Examples

Be the first to submit your Alignment Analysis to be featured here.  Send us your public link for your Alignment analysis.  We will feature the best Alignment Analysis from all industries.

Southwest Airlines Purpose and Misison

Whole Foods Purpose

Mission Driven Leadership