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Aligned Hiring Decisions

Alignment is the standard for how teams achieve bold visions.

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Use SWOT Analysis to strategically analyze whether a job candidate is a strategic fit based on your objective. 

Example SWOT Analysis for Hiring Decisions
Objective: I want this job candidate to be successful in this new role

S - what are my strengths that give me a competitive advantage
W - what are my weaknesses that hold me back from excelling 
O - what are opportunities around you that you could pursue that would accelerate your success
T - what are things you don’t control that could threaten your success in this role

Strategic Hiring Interview Brainstorm

Here’s an optional brainstorming exercise to stimulate even deeper strategic thinking: 

You may want to also leverage a Candidate Analysis during the interview process to create a better and more thoughtful discussion.  Then take your learnings and perform the above SWOT Analysis to see if this job candidate would make a great hire.  

Applying this quick and easy framework to critical decisions will save you months and years of headaches should you make a poor hiring decision.