The Alignment Playbook

To align every team to execute with a strong sense of purpose, with a bold vision, aligned on the right priorities, with clear goals, defined metrics, and with an inspiring high velocity rhythm.

Strategy Sessions

How to define a bold vision
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How to prioritize with a SWOT
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Building an Alignment plan
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How to rollout team-wide
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Alignment Framework

The Alignment Plan

Align the Vision

Mission TemplateCreate Mission
STEP 1: Align your team on a purpose-driven mission, bold vision, values, and a key metric for your org, team, project, or role.
FREQUENCY: Define annually
INSTRUCTIONS: Every team member to create a mission for role.

Add your 7-12 word mission statement to the top of your SWOT Analysis, Plan, Retro.
Group Planning: Have each team member create a team mission and link each team member's mission to the "team missions" section. Make sure you are aligned. Review and reconfirm quarterly.

Align the Strategy
SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis TemplateCreate SWOT
STEP 2: Teams to analyze your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to team mission?
FREQUENCY: Perform quarterly

Complete 3 weeks before quarter start
INSTRUCTIONS: Every team member to perform a SWOT Analysis against their role.

Force rank all items in your SWOT sections in order of importance, drag and drop.

Make sure to write out a conclusion based on what you need to focus on next to make the most amount of progress vs your mission.
Group Planning: Aggregate the top 3 items of each section of each Team SWOT into an aggregate company SWOT. Then, use the stars and have each person vote on top 4 items per section, discuss. Break into groups to draft conclusions.

Align the OKRs
Alignment Plan

OKR TemplateCreate OKR Plan
STEP 3: Use your SWOT Analysis conclusions to drive your strategic objectives and key results on your Alignment OKR plan.
FREQUENCY: Build quarterly

Roll out to team first week of each quarter.
INSTRUCTIONS: Every team member to build an OKR Plan for their role.

Use your SWOT Conclusion to drive your Plan objectives.  

Define initiative based key results that are measurable, outcome based -ex: deliver ##, Launch ## by ## date, Complete ##.
Group Planning: Have each team member create a team plan once the high level objectives have been set. Team member's top objectives typically roll up into the high level plan as key results. Link the Sub-plans from the company plan.

Align the Feedback

Retrospective TemplateCreate Retro
STEP 4: Perform a team retrospective. Look at what went well, not so well, what you learned. Define action items.
FREQUENCY: Complete quarterly

Complete at quarter end.
INSTRUCTIONS: Every team member to complete a Retrospective.

Force rank all items in your RETRO sections in order of importance, drag and drop.

Group Planning: Aggregating Top 3 items of each section of each Team RETRO into aggregate company RETRO. Then, use the stars and have each person vote on top 4 items per section.

Alignment Operating Rhythm

The Alignment rhythm is the way we bring our alignment plan to life and drive execution and discuss success, blockers, to do across the teams.

We use google slides as our core for team wide communications and collaboration with our Alignment Plan added each week into the specific sections.

The blend of a system of record for strategy that fits to a single page, the alignment plan, and google slides for presentation is a magical combination.
Alignment Operating Rhythm

Planning Timeline

PLANNING | Recommended CY Timeline

The Alignment Plan blends mission, strategy, team alignment, and execution all on a single screen designed to be easily presented and shared in slide decks for leadership meetings.
8.26.22Each team aligns on team MISSION
9.1.22Each team completes a RETRO
9.3.22Each team completes a SWOT
9.6.22Aggregate SWOT prioritization discussion [offsite]
9.17.22Each team drafts an Alignment Plan
9.20.22Aggregate team Alignment Plan discussion [offsite]
10.4.22Q4 Alignment Plan roll-out
11.11. 22Mission alignment
12.01. 22Each team completes a RETRO
11.18.22Each team completes a SWOT
11.29.22Aggregate SWOT prioritization discussion [offsite]
12.13.22Each team drafts an Alignment Plan
12.20.22Aggregate team Alignment Plan discussion [offsite]
1.10.23Q1 Alignment Plan kickoff
2.28. 23Mission alignment
3.01. 23Each team completes a RETRO
3.10.23Each team completes a SWOT
3.14.23Aggregate SWOT prioritization discussion [offsite]
3.21.23Each team drafts an Alignment Plan
3.28.23Aggregate team Alignment Plan discussion [offsite]
4.5.23Q2 Alignment Plan kickoff
5.30.23Mission alignment
6.01.23Each team completes a RETRO
6.06.23Each team completes a SWOT
6.13.23Aggregate SWOT prioritization discussion [offsite]
6.20.23Each team drafts an Alignment Plan
6.27.23Aggregate team Alignment Plan discussion [offsite]
7.11.23Q3 Alignment Plan kickoff

Playbook Overview Presentation

The Playbook
Breaking the Strategy Silo Problem
Built on Proven Methodologies
Collaborative Planning Framework
Achieve Bold Visions with The Alignment Plan
Setup Your Strategy Platform
Start Strategic Planning
Mission & Vision Overview
Every Team Creates a Mission
Mission Framework Exercise
Mission & Vision Pre-Work
SWOT Analysis Overview
Every Team Performs a SWOT Analysis
Team SWOT Analysis Pre-Work
SWOT Analysis Team Offsite Exercise
SWOT Analysis Conclusion
Alignment OKR Plan Overview
Every Team Has an Alignment OKR Plan
Alignment OKR Plan Example
Alignment OKR Plan Offsite Pre-Work
Retrospective Overview
Every Team Completes a Retrospective
Retrospective Exercise
Past Quarter Retrospective Pre-Work
Leadership Operating Rhythm
Every Team has an Operating Rhythm
Alignment OKR Plan Weekly Top 6
Alignment Planning Offsite
Offsite Day 1 Agenda
Offsite Sharing Exercise | Building Trust
Quarterly Alignment Planning Process
Alignment Planning Offsite Day 2
Leadership Offsite Day 2 Agenda
OKR Plan Alignment