June 17, 2022

Collaborative To Do List

Build your own strategic to do list, track scores, set custom colors, build custom to do list templates. Get started for free.

Try To Do List Template
Try To Do List Template

To Do Lists

With a custom to do list, you can truly build the most perfect and dynamic  "to do list" to help become more productive.Develop repeatable "to do lists" that you set and use as a template stored in the template library. For example, you could build the custom weekly to do list that's broken down by day with the top six items you must accomplish each day, and you can repeat this list each week.

Smart To Do list

Customize your very own to do lists to improve productivity. Develop unique sections with their own titles and descriptions, and set the color of the background. Assign ownership of this specific section, and then add items to the list. Update and track scores for each item. Set the status color of each item, and  assign each item out. You can also drag and drop all of these items and sort items by last updated scores or most popular.

One of the benefits of a repeatable list is that it doesn't become bloated, it doesn't start to overload. It actually resets each week and you have to choose what to bring with you from the previous week that did not get done, into the new week.

If you have used other to do list apps, you know from experience, that they constantly have an immediate euphoric moment when you start to use them because they're empty. And over time, they become overburdened with just about everything you must do, much of which you prioritize to not do.

So think about a new approach, think about creating the perfect lists for your project, for the way you manage your time, for the way you organize different aspects of an initiative. Make them repeatable and reuse them over and over, and I think you'll be quite impressed with the results.

Written by:
Gidon Wise
Try this template
Try To Do List Template
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