5 Steps To Strategic V2MOM Planning

Bring your V2MOM strategy to life
with the Alignment Rhythm
Weekly Top 6
Weekly Operating Meeting
Weekly All-Hands
Monthly Alignment Reviews
Special Projects Teams
Financial Model
Quarterly Alignment Planning
Quarterly Business Review
The Alignment Strategy Platform helps teams design smart, purpose-driven plans and share rich, collaborative updates.

Smart, single-screen
V2MOM design

Team coaching
Built-in coaching to make SWOTs easy for everyone
Cascade Plans
Connect SWOTs by typing '/' and cascade your projects.
Add notes to strategic objectives
Add details and updates with embedded notes
Kanban Board

Connect your
V2MOMs with tags

Group strategy
and see real-time activity updates
Group strategy

Make better decisions with
collaborative strategic templates

Vote on top items
Collaborative voting within all frameworks helps float the best ideas to the top of the list
Invite teammates
Invite teammates or customers to share their input
Mobile ready
Access frameworks from any device and keep the brainstorm alive well after the meeting
SWOT Analysis
Look at your strengths and weaknesses as you prioritize
PESTLE Analysis
Business framework to drive macro planning
GAP Analysis
Look at current state of an objective vs future state
Explore all templates
Over 65,000 strategic projects created.