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The Alignment OKR Tool is the #1 OKR tool uniquely designed to fit your teams OKR's to a single screen. Collaborate and share updates to execute remarkable outcomes.

Start by Reviewing Your Clear, Compelling, Purpose-Driven Mission+Vision

Understand Your Current Position as Related to Your Mission

Understand Your Past Performance to Drive Continuous Improvement

Score Your Standard Operating Procedures Playbook

The Alignment Rhythm | Cheatsheet

Learn how to master strategic planning across your entire organization
Quarterly Planning RHYTHM for Every Team Member

1. Each team member clicks above "use template" and sets visibility to "Team Edit" [-5 weeks]
2. Each team member completes all 4 aspects of the STRATEGY section, each project set to "Team Edit" [-5 weeks]
3. Team leader meets with each team member and reviews and confirms SWOT conclusion and Retrospective action items [-4 weeks]
4. Each team member posts their OKRs to their Alignment OKR plan [-3 weeks]
5. Team spends 50 minutes reviewing each team members draft OKRs - discusses possible initial concerns, discuss dependencies
6. Team members give and record a "How to achieve presentation" laying out how they plan to achieve objectives and key results [-1 week]

Review previous and next quarter highest level Alignment OKR plan during the next all-hands meeting [Kickoff]


++: Each Monday by 8:35am - Each team member adds their WEEKLY TOP 6 to do [ranked by priority] to their Alignment OKR Plan
++: Each Friday by 1pm - Each team member updates each key result score + color status and adds an weekly update to the "notes" area

Alignment OKR Blank Template

Get started building out your quarterly alignment plan.
Blank OKR Plan
Add notes to strategic objectives

Introducing Notes

Add rich, detailed notes and updates to all of your key results, weekly top 6 items, and more. All updates within notes will be shared in the activity feed and sent out in a daily update to keep everyone. Only those that have access to your project will see activity updates or receive daily email updates.