Unlock Growth with OKRs

Brilliant simplicity — The Alignment OKR Plan connects your mission, vision, values and OKRs into a single plan, fit to a single screen to align your entire team.
Online tools, templates, and examples to help your team plan and execute.

Start by Reviewing Your Clear, Compelling, Purpose-Driven Mission+Vision

OKR Mission Vision Alignment

Understand Your Current Position as Related to Your Mission

OKR with SWOT Analysis

Define Your Quarterly Alignment OKR Plan To Accelerate Progress vs Mission

OKRs Example

Understand Your Past Performance to Drive Continuous Improvement

OKR Retrospective
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Transform your OKR Planning Process with Alignment

The Alignment OKRs Platform helps teams design smart, purpose-driven OKRs and share rich, collaborative updates.

Smart, single-screen design makes
OKR setup remarkably easy

Team coaching
Built-in coaching to make OKRs easy and inspiring for everyone
Cascade Plans
Connect sub-OKR plans by typing '/' and cascade your goals.
Add notes to strategic objectives
Share notes, details, and updates with embedded notes feature
Kanban Board

Make better decisions leveraging Alignment's extensive
toolset of collaborative strategic frameworks