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SWOTanalysis helps teams perform Alignment Planning and more

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Companies Love the Team Alignment Plan by SWOTanalysis
"Once we knew where we wanted to go, why, and how we planned to get there, everything else seemed easy"
- Stacy 

Make phenomenal decisions and achieve remarkable outcomes


Virtual brainstorming enhances creative performance – versus in-person brainstorming sessions – by almost 50% of a standard deviation as published by the Harvard Business Review


Overcome one-dimensional thinking and remove blindspots by embracing 4D thinking with industry standard 2x2 strategic collaborative templates


Let your team input every idea, thought, solution, and then let them vote the best items to the top using the SWOTanalysis star and feature system


Make phenomenal strategic, decisions, hiring decisions, product decision, process decisions, and customer decisions to create long-term success