September 6, 2022

🎉 SWOT is now by SWOT, the standard for online strategy.

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The Online Strategy Platform

We launched SWOT back in 2015 with the mission to help teams make the best strategic decisions and achieve remarkable outcomes. In 2020 we experienced a significant increase in remote strategic planning demand - crossing over 70,000 projects completed to date.

As we continue to empower teams to grow through strategic alignment, we are excited to announce the merging of the Alignment Playbook with - the leading strategy platform called We've integrated live advisor scheduling directly into the software and embedded the rich Alignment methodology into our core templates. We are excited to empower you to align your teams to achieve your visions, even faster!

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Most popular
Porter's Five Forces
Porter's Five Forces is a framework for analyzing the competitive dynamics of an industry. It was developed by Michael Porter, a Harvard Business School professor, and was first published in his 1979 book, "How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy."
What is SWOT Analysis?
Our official guide on everything SWOT Analysis - leverage your learnings to create a powerful online SWOT Analysis.
BCG Matrix
BCG matrix: Helps companies analyze their portfolio of products or business units, and determine which ones to invest in, which ones to maintain, and which ones to divest.
Free Excel SWOT Analysis Template
Free Excel SWOT Analysis Template. Customize, Edit, Share. Try it now.
The Playbook
The guide to aligning teams to make the best decisions and achieving brilliant visions.
Free Powerpoint SWOT Analysis Template
Free Powerpoint SWOT Analysis Template and various templates designs to perform and present a SWOT Analysis in PPT Powerpoint. Try it now.
OKRs are a great way to measure and track progress towards goals. They help keep everyone on the same page and accountable. Learn about OKRs and create your own with this free online OKR template.
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